And God Is Not Alone

by Amanda Rabaduex

There is something like a choir      inside you
  accompanied piano strings
Why do you raise your eyes      skyward?
   I want you to kiss me –
I want to taste the aura of you       like a red delicious
  plucked from the August tree
Lips for prodding skin      tongue to enfold
   the core of the chord.
I want to feel how atoms      of flesh
  sound when pulled apart
split like the unbuttoning      of a blouse
   What is song
if not vibration       of surrender
  a day opening to dawn
Put your ear to this heart      elusive nucleus
   You’re never close enough.

Amanda Rabaduex is a writer, educator, and Air Force veteran. Her poetry and creative non-fiction have appeared in several publications and received a nomination for the Pushcart Prize. She is pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Wilkes University, and she is the current poetry editor of River and South Review. Originally from Ohio, she now lives near the Smoky Mountains.


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