Issue 12

Emerge Literary Journal: 2020, Issue 12


Ghostification,” Clara Burghelea

If It’s True We Harmonize,” Daniel Edward Moore

The Flood,” Elspeth Findlay

Why Do You Ask?,” Francine Witte

Take a Balloon and Go Sailing,” Paul Edward Costa

Mortality on a Wednesday,” Sally Zakariya

Ways We Do Death,” Daniel Edward Moore

Sharp and Sour,” Lucy Narva

Monarchs,” Katie Berger

cornertable,” Linda Brooks

Citing Louis Bromfield in October,” Abby Parcell

Recovery,” Thad DeVassie

Considering a Kitchen Garden,” Abby Parcell


The ways I’ve embarrassed myself, Daniel Shooter

Swimmer, Bruce Meyer

Delicate, Steven Genise

Engulfment, Drew Coles

Lemons, Francine Witte

it rained today, Kevin Richard White

Under the Rose Arch, C.A. Campbell (Editor’s Pick)

Endless Cycles, Jared Povanda

Pruning Season, Kristin Tenor

The Giant Dipper Roller Coaster of Santa Cruz, Dan A. Cardoza

Evacuation, Linda McMullen

First Love, Dan A. Cardoza

The Real HarMar Superstar, Zach Murphy

To My Future Self, Written at the Counter of Linda’s Cafe, Stockton, Kansas, Before I Drove on to Kearney, Nebraska, Travis Cravey

As And The Sea Shall Answer, Nicola Ashbrook

Featured Writer

Interview with C.A. Campbell


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