Ways We Do Death

by Daniel Edward Moore


Ways We Do Death


This journey is not figurative one.

Not a diamond beaded Chanel

costing more than your heart could bring

in the field of an urban back alley

sliding off the runway of impermanence.


It’s a funeral home with

rose splattered parlors & pyres

on the Ganges writing names in the sky

& ashes in boxes on cedar mantles

ashamed of what money can’t save.


These are the ways we do death.

Desperate as an alcoholic bird

before mass. Bread & wine. Please.

Sad as a terrorist’s wife’s last kiss.

Vestments of bombs. Please.



Daniel Edward Moore lives in Washington on Whidbey Island. His poems are forthcoming in Plainsongs, The Cape Rock, Artifact Nouveau, Gyroscope Review, Magnolia Review and Kestrel Literary Journal. His book, Waxing The Dents was a finalist for the Brick Road Poetry Prize and will be released February 2020. danieledwardmoore.com.


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