Issue 14

Emerge Literary Journal: 2020, Issue 14

Editor’s Note

This is our third issue after a long hiatus and my third issue as Managing Editor. Do I know what I’m doing? No. I am still learning my role and to trust my own instincts as a writer and editor. I understand the anguish writers face waiting for a rejection or the joy of receiving an acceptance. We thank our contributors for trusting us with their hard work and dedication to the craft. We don’t take submissions lightly and we will always respect the work. In the following issue, you will cry, maybe laugh a bit, and understand the human connection we are all striving towards.


Be Well. Write Well. Read Well.




Chickadee,” Steve Merino

Stepping Sequentially Through Time,” Elizabeth Mathes

shamayim” & “catherine of siena,” Madison Zehmer

Growing Through the Sidewalk,” Gerry Stewart

Hyperbole,” Skye Wilson

Measurement,” Amanda McLeod

Last Night I Dreamed You,” Rich Larson

Airplane Familiarity,” Julianna May

Sonnet of Jeff Buckley’s ‘Mojo Pin’,” Sophia Bruce

We Walk Away Like Nothing” & “River Streams,” Shome Dasgupta

A portrait from before you fell in & out of love” & “Flight,” Noreen Ocampo

Dodona,” Elizabeth Bluth

Practice Room,” Ivy Aloa Robb

If Life Means Life Means Life Means Life // Voluntary Apnea,” Kanika Ahuja

West Aster Drive,” Nymphish

Quarantine Excursion,” Maria S. Picone

Canada” & “Love Note,” Farley Egan Green

That O’Keefe on the Wall,” Lynn Finger

Esperanza Corner

Two Brothers,” Hannah Storm (Trigger Warning – Sexual Assault)

The Evening News,” Lindsey Heatherly (Trigger Warning – Suicidal Ideation)

Routine,” Lindsey Heatherly

Observations,” SM Colgan (Trigger Warning – Self-Harm)

Affliction,” SM Colgan (Trigger Warning – Self-Harm)

ELJ believes that #mentalillnessawareness and #endingthestigma are of paramount importance. We believe in the necessity of sharing our mental illness and trauma stories to facilitate writing through illness and create broader awareness. We’ve created this corner to allow writers to not only share their stories but to be home to those who share in their experiences.


Rosary, Melissa Boles

You Never Wanted Kids, Veronica Klash

Why the river?, Zach Murphy

Escape Velocity, Anna Spence

Bridge of Laughter, Marc Littman

Alluring Imperfections, Roger Li

It Could Always Be Like This, Meagan Lucas

No Goodbyes, Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar

Peaches in Alabama, Charlotte Hamrick

A Lifetime Learned in One Night, Jessica Frelow

Slipping, Tommy Dean

Featured Writer

Interview with Melissa Boles


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