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Giving Ground (Gift Series)

Send us your castles.

We are strictly a free verse and flash fiction publication. We will consider most genres, except horror and erotica, so long as the piece has literary undertones.

Submissions for Emerge Literary Journal are accepted from July 1st to August 15th. We publish our annual issue in November.

Submissions are accepted by electronically via Submittable ONLY.


Please send no more than 5-8 pieces at a time BUT no less than 5 poems at a time, so that we have the best selection of your work in which to make our decision.

Please include a short 3-4 line third person bio in the Submittable coverletter only. Please do not include biographical information or your name in the submission itself. We read all of our submissions BLIND.


Please send no more than 3 stories in one document at a time. We accept flash fiction up to a maximum of 750 words.

Please include a short 3-4 line third person bio in the Submittable coverletter only. Please do not include biographical information or your name in the submission itself.

2016 Themed Section and Contest – Un/Civil Disobedience

Emerge Literary Journal  includes a themed contest in each annual issue. The theme for 2016 is Un/Civil Disobedience.

A non-affiliated judge will choose a first-place prize recipient and runners-up in poetry and prose. The 2016 judge is Joel Dias-Porter. The first-place winner receives $250, in addition to publication and a contributor’s copy. Additional contest entries may be considered for publication in the issue.

Entries are limited to one piece per submission. Multiple submissions are prohibited. Entry fee is $10.

Un/Civil Disobedience

The burning of rebellious thoughts in the little breast, of internal hatred and opposition, could not long go on without slight whiffs of external smoke, such as mark the course of subterranean fire. –Harriet Beecher Stowe

Civil Disobedience is defined as the refusal to comply with certain laws, as a peaceful and collective form of political protest, to force concessions from the government.

Now more than ever, our country and the world need writers to bear witness and to spread love. Send us your poems and short fiction that boycott and picket, that clamor for change.

About the judge: Joel Dias-Porter (aka DJ Renegade) was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, and was the 1998 and 99 Haiku Slam Champion. His poems have been published in Time Magazine, The Washington Post, POETRY, Mead, The Offending Adam, Best American Poets 2014, Callalloo, Ploughshares, Antioch Review, Red Brick Review, Asheville Review, Beltway Quarterly and numerous anthologies, including Love Poetry Out Loud, Def Poetry Jam, 360 Degrees of Black Poetry, Slam (The Book), Poetry Nation, Beyond the Frontier, and Spoken Word Revolution. In 1995, he received the Furious Flower “Emerging Poet Award.” Performances include the Today Show, SlamNation, on BET, and the film Slam. A Cave Canem fellow, he has a CD of jazz and poetry entitled “LibationSong.”

Guidelines Applicable to ALL Submissions:

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable so long as we are notified in your coverletter and if/when your work is accepted by another publication. We do not permit multiple submissions. You may submit again only after you receive a declination at any time during the open window.

If your work is accepted by another publication, please let us know where it was accepted in your withdrawal so we can send our many congratulations. Please do not withdraw a piece once your work has been accepted. We have a limited amount of slots for our issue.


All rights remain with the writer, we take only First North American Rights to publish. All rights revert back to the author. We only ask that in subsequent publications you credit Emerge Literary Journal as having first published the piece(s) and that you grant permission for us to permanently archive your work as part of the issue in which you are published in, including any print anthologies that may be dreamed of and published at any time in the future.


Emerge Literary Journal is a paying market. We currently pay $10 per poem and $0.01 per word for stories. Emerge Literary Journal provides one contributor’s copy to every contributor. Contributors will also be given a 15% discount code to purchase additional copies from BookNook.


Finally, please consider reporting your submission to us to Duotrope, a writer’s resource.

For any questions about The Journal, please contact us at


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