Issue 13

Emerge Literary Journal: 2020, Issue 13


Leavings,” Rodd Whelpley (Editor’s Pick)

Atrophy,” Sabrina Ito

Spring Was the Season of Growth,” Ayesha Asad

12,” Elizabeth Estochen

Somewhere to Walk to,” DS Maolalai

Amaryllis,” Finola Scott

Brain Sorrow,” Rebecca Gethin

Teatime and Boiled Ginger,” Ayesha Asad

Prison Got Me This Reverse Engineering Degree,” Tyler Dempsey

I Don’t Have Time for Anything These Days,” Elizabeth Estochen

Stills,” Nicole I. Entin

Hibernating Succulents,” Lindsey Heatherly

face masks,” Hanna Abi Akl

Exhibit No 3672, Hunterian Museum, London,” Finola Scott

Baby’s Breath,” Elizabeth Estochen

The Amateur Gardener,” Sage Marshall

Fray Bentos Corned Beef,” Finola Scott

Missing Link,” Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon

Things to Say to Your Husband After His Cancer Comes Back,” Shannon Frost Greenstein


The Bird Outside the Window, Elizabeth Bluth

What the Wind Said, Paul Negri

National Geographic Special, Karen Schauber

A Moving River, Alyssa Jordan

The Digging Lady, Sara Dobbie

Midnight Hands, Mileva Anastasiadou

Surfacing, Alyssa Jordan

Tracking, EC Sorenson

Smoke Signals, Megan Colgan

Trashed, Lannie Stabile

Country Boys Might Survive, Brett Lewis

Motherhood in 4 Acts, Candace Hartsuyker

Featured Writer

Interview with Rodd Whelpley


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