I Don’t Have Time for Anything These Days

by Elizabeth Estochen


We are skipping the small talk

we’re getting to the meat of what is really here

and when I say

there’s no time for this

I mean the earth is burning around us

that lives are forever fleeting and when we

do these courtesies at the expense

of ourselves we are chipping

away at the self as

nature chips away at

the glaciers because what

has been given to us can

always be taken away and you’d

be naive to think our universe

isn’t vengeful just as we all are

for what we’ve birthed


Elizabeth Estochen is a queer, nonbinary writer in Denver, Colorado. Her chapbook, For Love, and for Cruelty was published by WordTech Editions in January, 2020. Follow her on Twitter @estochen or her website, http://estocheneditorial.com.


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