Current Issue

Emerge Literary Journal: 2021, Issue 18

Editor’s Note

Be Well. Write Well. Read Well.



“Hauntology in Suburbia”, Dana Blatte

“Meditation in Motherhood”, Naomi Ling

“What I Hate About the Stars”, Ottavia Paluch

“waves: the trough”, “waves: the crest”, and “waves: the salt”, Paxton Grey

“Of All Stars the Most Beautiful”, Kayla Aldrich

“Ashaway”, Nora Pace

“Looking”, Vincent Perrone

“Being Alive”, Chase Ferree

“Tomorrow”, Natalie Marino

“Anatomy”, SG Huerta

“unbecoming” and “a woman named Priyanka”, Paula Ethans

“Reverse Archaeology at the Glacier” and “Bronze Shovel for an Anniversary”, JLM Morton

“I become a hurricane”, Caroliena Cabada

“Age 24”, Christopher Sturdy

“Forecast”, Austin Davis

“Nexttime”, Andrew Adair

“brother, brother, brother”, Lannie Stabile

“The End of the World is Broadcast Live on Cable News”, Allison Lowe

“Your Dreams and Your Light are Too Ordinary”, Cyndie Randall

“Discoveries of a Future with You, My Love”, Sarah Marquez

Esperanza Corner

The quest for nirvana, Claire Marsden

ELJ believes that #mentalillnessawareness and #endingthestigma are of paramount importance. We believe in the necessity of sharing our mental illness and trauma stories to facilitate writing through illness and create broader awareness. We’ve created this corner to allow writers to not only share their stories but to be home to those who share in their experiences.


A Splash of Sun, Tommy Dean

A Slow Fracture, Matt Biundo

Sing to Me of the Final Hour, Andrew Johnston

Birds Over My Washroom, Nachi Keta

A list of things seen at the library book sale table, fanned out like an offering, Jessica Evans

Circling the Drain and Ownership, Travis Moran

Quake Buzz, Tish Marie Reichle-Aguilera

We Were Wolves, Mileva Anastasiadou

Float On, Regan Pucket

One hundred and sixty-two days, Sarah Davy

Jump, Andrea Lynn Koohi

Games For All Ages, Lisa Ferranti

blue grass, Jake McAuliffe

At First, They Think the Bump Under My Brother’s Arm is a Stubborn Bruise, Mira Aleksia Silverman

Featured Writer

Interview with Tommy Dean

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