Issue 21

Emerge Literary Journal: 2022

Issue 21

Editor’s Note

As most know, all writers are highly in tune with words and how they’re able to evoke emotions in others, whether spoken or written. Words have power—the power to inspire others to take action, the power to allow people to share common or foreign experiences across miles, and the power to change lives. We each have a story to tell—our unique journey begging for its own words. Our day to day lives include massive barriers we’ve overcome; shattered dreams, life altering situations, and amazing transformations, all of which are either waiting to be or have been written.

When I sat down to examine what the overarching theme of Issue 21 encompassed, I knew there were three words that found their way into every piece: voice, spirit, and journey. Indeed, each piece embodies the courage these contributors have employed to find their voice in this noisy world, and let’s face it, we live in a noisy world. We live in a world bombarding us with forces constantly dictating who we should be4, what we should look like, and what we should eat, drink, wear, and feel. The contributors in this issue speak with unique voices through words, words that have a remarkable way of silencing the noise, healing the spirit, freeing the mind, and connecting us to people and places we’ve never met.

I hope this issue will encourage you to find voice, fuel your spirit, and write your journey.

Be Well. Write Well. Read Well.



Driftwood || Hannah Yevington

Untranslatable || Kyle Vaughn

On the Death of Jenny von Westphalen || Mark Murphy

unbeliever, what is your north star? || Liane St. Laurent

Colors I Couldn’t Bring Home | Harmattan || Ifeoluwa Ayandele

Reading the Morning Surf Report || Sara Fitzpatrick Comito

Sinedu’s Letter || Emily Butler

Snow Angels | Clay | Parting || Naomi Anna Kimbell

Untitled Poem About Breaking | Lacerations (With Apologies to Law & Order: Criminal Intent) | Message From a Muse || Wren Donovan

Spire Without Glory || Hibah Shabkhez

This Is Not Prose, a Prose Poem Contest

Winner | Red Son || Daniel Lui

Runner-Up | Trivia || Wren Donovan

Esperanza Corner

[There’s a difference between lonely and lonesome though what it is I’m not quite sure] || Terena Elizabeth Bell

Demons on the Doorstep || Mark Finnemore

Flotsam || Katy Naylor

ELJ believes that #mentalillnessawareness and #endingthestigma are of paramount importance. We believe in the necessity of sharing our mental illness and trauma stories to facilitate writing through illness and create broader awareness. We’ve created this corner to allow writers to not only share their stories but to be home to those who share in their experiences.

Creative Non-Fiction

Cat Love || Gabriella Souza

The Dance || Emily James

History Lesson || Lori Yeghiayan Friedman

When Winter Comes || Janet Murie

If You’d Never || Wendy Chirikos

Stories that Wreck You While You Wait For the Light to Turn Green Contest

Winner | Hunger || Sara Chansarkar

Runner-Up | Saginaw || Sarah Freligh


Aisle 9 || Kathryn Aldridge Morris

Close Encounter || Rebecca Ackermann

Heat (New York City, 1975) || Kathryn Kulpa

Sap || Natalie Yap

When the Cowboy Separates the Calves for Tomorrow’s Branding || Sabrina Hicks

Percolator || Briana Maley

Crush || Melissa Llanes Brownlee

The Sister from Nestor || Lisa Johnson Mitchell

Recommended for You || Brendan Gillen

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