On the Death of Jenny von Westphalen

by Mark A. Murphy

Give me back my rags
My rags of thorn and purest sackcloth
Of dreams unspoken
Of silk deception and tartan hope
My rags of chequered confession
Of inconceivable soliloquy
Of black pin-striped vulgarity
Give me back my rags of bespoke vicuña
My pawnshop finery
My blackest funerary suit
Give me back my rags of ragged prophecy

Mark A. Murphy is an Ace poet, living with GAD, and OCD. He has poems forthcoming in Cultural Weekly and Acumen. He has published seven books of poetry to date, including, ‘Tin Cat Alley & Other Poems: Not to be Reproduced’ by Venetian Spider Press, 2021.

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