Issue 16

Emerge Literary Journal: 2020, Issue 16

Editor’s Note

As we close this year, 2020, remember the joy we found where we could. Online literary magazines, chapbooks, books, virtual readings, and the writing community on Twitter. We here at Emerge are thankful for all of these things and more. Our submitters, contributors, and followers have show us such love and support as we relaunched in January. We have grown our magazine with your help and all of this is due to you. As we move forward into 2021, we will continue to bring emerging writers to the masses and showcase the best works we receive.

Be Well. Write Well. Read Well.



Homeland,” Marissa Glover

emigration,” Nardine Taleb

2 Untitled Poems” Jenny Wong

Litany of things to remember,” Olivia Braley

Witching Hours,” River Elizabeth Hall

A Good Kind of Soon, My Son,” Hannah Cole Orsag

Dark Star,” Bri Bruce

Apologies to Every Empty Daisy Flower,” Ashley Bao

History of violence“; “The Shape of You“; and “Closet(s)t,” Christopher W. Clark

Melding Metal with Metal,” Deirdre Fagan

growing,” Rox Kashun

Roots,” Alan Kissane

Before my birthday,” Tyrel Kessinger

Weight Bearing,” Susan Fuchtman

Human Immunodeficiency Virus,” Anthony Aguero

small thoughts on the sea,” Savannah Jensen

Esperanza Corner

Pocket,” Amy-Jean Muller

Theft,” Madeleine Corley

Reflections on the New Patient Handbook at My Eating Disorders Clinic,” Shannon Frost Greenstein

ELJ believes that #mentalillnessawareness and #endingthestigma are of paramount importance. We believe in the necessity of sharing our mental illness and trauma stories to facilitate writing through illness and create broader awareness. We’ve created this corner to allow writers to not only share their stories but to be home to those who share in their experiences.


Good Girls, Sarah Freligh

Alice eats an orange, Olivia Kingery

Like Shedding Skin, Elou Carroll

Silenced, Laura Besley

Treasure; Sweet Heart; and Little Gods, Meagan Johanson

Kimono, Charlotte Hamrick

In Time, She Will Not Look Away, Jared Povanda

Couplet, Melissa Boles

The Sun Sets and the Sun Rises, Sarah McPherson

Hunting, Caleb Berg

Charlie, Justin Deming

The Fortune is Let Go, Tucker Lieberman

Dollar Sweet Tea, Taylor Wyna

The Gap Between the Islands, Ariel M. Goldenthal

Girl_16_Missing, Lauren Simone Holley

Turning One More Time, Dettra Rose

Deathday, Neal Suit

Featured Writer

Interview with Olivia Braley

Poet in the Spotlight

Interview with Christopher Clark

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