Birds Over My Washroom

by Nachi Keta

Birds have made the ventilator of my washroom, their home. They are two of them, and are pigeons I am sure, because of their pictures I see online. They have two bluish wings, two circular eyes on two sides of the head, and a little beak that ends before it begins. And their necks have a soft coat of greenish feathers that I wish to touch with my fingers.

I often spend hours looking at them, standing in my washroom, naked, with soap all over. They look beautiful, especially when they are making a guttural symphony of up and down, followed by a little bur-bur, like an engine that is jammed.  They fight most of the time, but since it is late Autumn, and weather is cool, they also mate, when time allows, or when they are in mood. One of them flaps its wings and tries to hide the other from sun or cold, while the other just lays there.

I am not an ornithologist. So I can’t be sure if one of them is male and the other female. And even if I knew how to do it, even if I could make out the sex of a pigeon just by looking at it, I couldn’t do it. The ventilator through which I spot them, has an iron mesh instead of the usual glass panes, and the holes in it are stuffed with all kinds of dirt and rust, which makes it impossible to see them closely. In fact, I’m not even sure… if they are the same pigeons which fly away every morning in search of food and come back to rest at night.

But something tells me that they are the same. And they are in love with each other. Something deep within, like an instinct. It cannot prove, but it does not need any proof.

Somethings are like that. They are just there. The best things.

Like instinct. And it tells me that the two pigeons love each other.  And have made a pleasant home above my washroom.

It makes me happy.

I just went there and came back, to be sure that they are safe and sleeping.  They help me bear with her absence.

A Kidney Transplant Recipient, Nachi Keta considers himself too old for this world, which is too full of healthy bodies, which is too stuffed with words, that are too despairing for this world, which is too young for him. He is a dropout of two of most prestigious universities in the world, loves his privacy and does not tweet as SAGE (@KetaNachi).



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