Baby’s Breath

by Elizabeth Estochen


I want to be bathed

in Baby’s Breath, pure white, sinking

below tiny buds like

Ophelia drifting

into the void

made of Ivory soap

a thick cream you could bite

right into           Your

incisors won’t draw blood

from me            This

time nothing will soil

my purity              I

am a cloud, a holy ghost,

a martyr who died

for the cause     For

the absence of color the

way they wanted    me


as a canvas so they

could see the quiet    tragedy—

the gold standard

of art


Elizabeth Estochen is a queer, nonbinary writer in Denver, Colorado. Her chapbook, For Love, and for Cruelty was published by WordTech Editions in January, 2020. Follow her on Twitter @estochen or her website,


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