Exhibit No 3672, Hunterian Museum, London

by Finola Scott


In a jar in this display case you

wait, arms ready

to wave, legs to dance.


Shelf 3, Crystal Gallery, Bay 24

A child’s poppet, jarred

play-thing for a pocket.

Sockets are empty,

that huge head rules



A chiffon caul gift

-wraps you safe.

In mother’s milk

white you hang,

once silken balloon of life.

Startled by death, tiny hands

flutter frozen star-fished, try

for purchase.

I never thought you’d be so small


Finola Scott is published widely in the UK & Eire. Her poems are found on posters, postcards and tapestries as well as in magazines and anthologies including New Writing Scotland, The Fenland Reed and Lighthouse. Current Makar of the Federation of Writers, her pamphlet Much left Unsaid is published by Red Squirrel Press.


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