by Sabrina Ito


I didn’t pay attention

to the warning signs.


How could I let something

so important never happen?


Wandering through life

like a starving crow,


I scavenged indifference –

just enough to sustain me.


Wanting to rest quietly,

I never took too much space,


content to sleep among hedgerows

of other people’s winter gardens.


Sabrina Ito lives in Honolulu, HI with her husband and son, where she works as a Middle School Languages teacher. Her poems have appeared in Bamboo Ridge, Clarion Magazine, Slipstream Press, Coachella Review, West Trade Review and BlazeVox, among others. Sabrina is also the author of poetry chapbooks, The Witches of Lila Springs (Plan B Press, 2018) and Messages from Salt Water (Finishing Line Press, 2019). For more information about Sabrina’s work, visit: or follow her on Twitter at: @ito_sab.


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