Sonnet on Jeff Buckley’s “Mojo Pin”

by Sophia Bruce


I dream to be loved for my mind.

What a thing to dream, as a girl with new breasts

Foregoing the tinkling lunch bell calling

Calling calling me to lie down on a beautiful bed

With linen sheets forever. Sylvia Plath

Was not transexual but wanted to be a man.

What a thing, to be a man in a flowery blouse

Writing love songs, looking down on a sea

Of false eyelashes and acquiring ten thousand lipstick stains

On napkins. To glisten with sweat in front of

Savannah, Los Angeles, Dallas–

Even as your nipples poke softly through silk

And you sing about a faceless black woman

From one of your wet dreams.




Sophia Bruce is from New Haven, Connecticut, and is a rising sophomore at Smith College. She has previously been published in Jet Fuel Review, Long River Review, and others.





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