Why Do You Ask?

by Francine Witte


Why Do You Ask?


My days are numbered, just like yours,

So, can we agree to point our camera-questions


carefully and only as needed.

When I tell you I bought the scarf you like


at a store, please don’t ask which one, and

When I tell you my first husband’s fists left


holes in the wall, assume that beer was involved.

One question always leads to another, the what


to why to how. By this time in our lives we should

know that one door opens to another door. Every


entrance leads to an exit. Every time you sit

upright leads to lying back down, and so on


until that final time, you don’t get up, which

you would think would end all the questions,


but only leads to a thousand more.


Francine Witte is the author of four poetry chapbooks and two full-length collections, Café Crazy and The Theory of Flesh from Kelsay Books. Her flash fiction has appeared in numerous journals and anthologized in the most recent New Micro (W.W. Norton) Her novella-in-flash, The Way of the Wind has just been published by Ad Hoc Fiction, and her full-length collection of flash fiction, Dressed All Wrong for This was recently published by Blue Light Press. She lives in New York City.


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