If It’s True We Harmonize

by Daniel Edward Moore


If It’s True We Harmonize


Let’s say it was mere theological lace,

the souls flame retardant fabric of choice


unraveling from the stadium’s miniature suns

on men in tight pants worshiping pain.


Would parishioners whisper in Victorian tongues

about sex with bodies they barley lived in


while sweaty paramedics screamed all clear

as the bulb blew out in their chests?


Heartbreak is one thing. Darkness another.

Sirens, a hymn, they both sing.


Daniel Edward Moore lives in Washington on Whidbey Island. His poems are forthcoming in Plainsongs, The Cape Rock, Artifact Nouveau, Gyroscope Review, Magnolia Review and Kestrel Literary Journal. His book, Waxing The Dents was a finalist for the Brick Road Poetry Prize and will be released February 2020. danieledwardmoore.com.


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