by Ella Rous

sorry i put my fingerprints all over the couch, your lips, 

the family dog / it’s just that some days i think my hands

will become ghosts / it’s just that i left my body to bleed out

in the street & fell asleep clutching my heart / sorry i held

my hand over my mouth when you asked me to love you /

it wasn’t because i didn’t love you, it was because my love

leaves water stains in your kitchen ceiling / my love leaves

the party early to make snow angels in the yard / & runs

when the sun starts to rise.

Ella Rous has recently graduated from the Westwood High School in Dallas, Texas, and will be attending the University of Texas at Austin in fall of 2021. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in High Shelf Press and the notes app on her phone. Today, her favorite words are oyster, chimney, and séance.


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