Between You and Now

by Megan Cannella

On our way to get Egg McMuffins,

we stop to fuck in a cemetery.


I pick the most interesting looking gravestone

because I want to make sure this will at least end up being a good story.


Or was that just something we talked about,

and I am remembering the memory of a maybe?


There is no way to accurately measure

the distance between you and now.


I will still sometimes pass a stranger whose smell

tastes like you, drunk, in your second-hand bed, at 4am.

Megan Cannella (@megancannella) is a Midwestern transplant currently living in Nevada. For over a decade, Megan has bounced between working at a call center, grad school, and teaching. She has work in or forthcoming from @PorcupineLit, @dailydrunkmag, @VerseZine, @TBQuarterly, and @perhappened.



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