Check, Please!

by Angelica Whitehorne

Check that your name is         still your name,
do this by calling to yourself in an empty room         and seeing if you respond.
Check the weather (it’s raining).           Check your checking account.
Check your shoe laces.      Check your attitude
                (check this one in the voice of your mother).
Check the locks,          check the locks,          check the locks.
Check that you aren’t losing track of your mind again,
do this by asking yourself if you’ve lost your mind    and hoping your answer is no.
Check the time,           (but whatever the time, there won’t be enough of it).
Check your pulse.       Check in everyday at the workplace, five minutes late.
Check out during most conversations.            Check in with your demons,
                 (they’re prosperous, as always).
Check that your lover still loves you,
do this by asking them      and doubting whatever answer they give.
Check the date, check the year,          (say wow that went fast, and then
              check the date again, two years have passed).
Check that your chicken isn’t underdone.      Check on the chicks now left behind,
                 a shred of breast between your teeth.
Ask for the check,                   sign your name on the line,
             if your name is still your name.
Check that your name is         still your name
do this by typing your name into a search bar            and hoping you show up.

Angelica Whitehorne is a writer from Buffalo, New York who has published or forthcoming work in Westwind Poetry, Mantis, The Laurel Review, The Cardiff Review, North Dakota Quarterly, and Air/Light Magazine, among others. Besides being a devastated poet, Angelica is a Marketing Content Writer for a green energy loan company. She is also currently writing her first novel, so wish her luck.


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