Elbow to the Neck

by MA|DE


Gaped open, dirt-veiled,

the [redacted][1] have tasted you again

and come back rusting.


I dyed all my clothes the

tint of your corrosion and gave up

my blades in reply.


Cruel neck, the break of day.

The sun is in my eyes:

I have become who I am.


Stripped down in this moment

to a movement, a skipped stone

in the shape of an airfoil.


A stone is always waiting for

grounds to avenge: for moss to come

creeping upon it in the night.



[1]    The authors were unable to agree on a word.



MA|DE (est. 2018) is a collaborative writing partnership comprised of interdisciplinary artist Mark Laliberte and writer Jade Wallace. Their poetry has appeared in Vallum Magazine, Poetry is Dead, PRISM International, Trinity Review, Vallum, and elsewhere. MA|DE’s debut chapbook, Test Centre, was released by ZED Press in 2019 and they are currently working on their first full-length collection.




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