Featured Writer (Issue 15, 2020)

Interview with L Scully

Editor’s Pick


Damon: How was Madrid?

L: Madrid was very difficult to leave. I had some personal ups and downs there, and didn’t leave my apartment even to go for a walk or to the grocery store for over two months, but I treated quarantine like a writing retreat and enjoyed a beautiful summer of love and friendship reacquainting myself with the city and the nature around it. I miss it dearly.

Damon: I imagine the move to Boston was quite hectic, how did they relax during this time?

L: Thanks for validating that! It’s been quite a big transition, but I am so grateful to be back in the place I was born after two decades. Truthfully, there was not a whole lot of relaxing through this process, but with the help of some wonderful friends I left Madrid and arrived safely back in the US. Moving in with my best friend and decorating our home with queer and creepy art has been how I’ve been holding myself together. I celebrated my homecoming by immediately adopting a hamster and naming her after my favorite tortilla restaurant in Spain. And there’s been a lot of jumping into very cold swimming holes to calm down.

Damon: Both of their work in this issue is both powerful and short, did they find it difficult to write this work?

L: The short answer is: yes. All of my work is deeply personal, being nonfiction, and most of it has to do with my sexuality, mental illness, and nostalgia. It is meditative for me to release these experiences by creating something that feels beautiful and authentic to my perception of The Truth. I write short pieces because there is a lot of emotion packed in there, and it’s more a choice of capacity than style – the work I’m putting into the world is an exercise in self, and the words either come or they don’t. I prefer short-form because it asks of me concision. And leaves no room to lie.

Damon: What are their goals for the coming months?

Excellent question! This is something I’m currently working out. Potential goals include looking into MFA programs (maybe), fostering a dog (hopefully), and seeing my ELJ Editions Chapbook out in the world (definitely). The boring answer is getting a job that pays the bills, the exciting answer is I have no idea and at this rate, life is turning out to be too wild to plan for anyway! But I will be writing. That’s a promise.

Damon: And finally, how are they?

L: Thanks for asking. A hard but sweet one. I am taking each day as it comes, reading wonderful submissions over at Stone of Madness Press, and reconnecting with my people on this side of the ocean. Living with mental illness is a big challenge every day, but I’ve found such incredible support in the literary community that I would say I am doing solidly, all-caps, OKAY.

L Scully (they/them) is a queer writer and double Capricorn currently based in Boston. They are the co-founder and prose editor at Stone of Madness Press. Find them in the ether @LRScully.




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