Flying in Dreamland

by Charles K. Carter

& i was so confused. i was riding on the back of a flying golf cart with my parents who were preparing to renew their vows. & it was strange because they have been divorced for five years. & i don’t think this could ever happen because she thinks he is an abusive asshole and he thinks she’s a whore. & how can you renew vows if you’re not even married. & he kept singing “this thing called love” & i had never heard him sing this song before & i have never heard him listen to this song or talk about queen or freddie mercury at all & he was actually good & my mom was swooning & i was feeling nauseous. & we were flying through the air on this flying golf cart & my dad was mistaking my tears of frustration for tears of joy. & we went by some huge garbage dump for the city of los angeles & then we flew past these huge trees with huge swarms of bald eagles & their nests & i began to slip from the golf cart & i asked him to slow down. & they both just laughed at me & called me a faggot & i wanted to jump.

Charles K. Carter (he/him) is a queer poet from Iowa. He holds an MFA from Lindenwood University. His poems have appeared in several literary journals. He is the author of Read My Lips (David Robert Books, November 2022) and several chapbooks. He can be found on Twitter and Instagram @CKCpoetry.


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