good immigrant


Sucker for a Pretty Flash (a Microfiction Contest)

by Sofía Aguilar

We say what Boss Man wants to hear: we came for a better life, earned it. We fled poverty,  gang violence, fear communist red. Work religiously, pay taxes, worship the U.S. Our children have degrees and speak without accents. You’re one of the good ones, he says. Because we know English, curve our spines, unthreatening our bones. Hurry when he beckons in that tone, crushing the Spanish hills of our names into flatland. What do you think of the wall, Miguel? We spit like cowboys, Let them come the right way. As though his ancestors had followed that road.

Sofía Aguilar is a Latina writer and editor originally from Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in Latina Media, Melanin. Magazine, and The Westchester Review, among other publications. As an alum of WriteGirl and a first-generation college graduate, she earned a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, where she received the Andrea Klein Willison Prize for Poetry and the Spencer Barnett Memorial Prize for Excellence in Latin American and Latinx Studies. Additionally, she is a two-time recipient of the Nancy Lynn Schwartz Prize for Fiction, a three-time recipient of the Jean Goldschmidt Kempton Scholarship for Young Writers, and a finalist for the Academy of American Poets College Prize. She works and lives in El Monte, California. You can visit her at

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