Hunting Embroidery

by Renu Su

i gut myself over and over again with a sewing needle / biting into the thread / i use to mend myself back into a full / moon i scavenge pasts for embroidery / for art / with metaphors and euphemisms /yet i pluck away as Artemis / i begin to ravage / myself to see / myself a lump of prey and martyr / blackening / becoming gutter gloves and pelvic saw / a landslide of organ shrine / of body convulsed into blur / autopsy to find chained gates within stomach / a pile of red sludge dipped in couplet miasma / and maggot-feast / i keep picking at my teeth using my own femur / religion onto cartilage / patch everything back / together with textile / let the rest of my sludge escape my carcass, flow like a stream / discharge almost tranquil like the trotting of caribou /

Rena Su is a writer from Vancouver(ish) and writes a little too frequently about dinosaurs, cyborgs, and offbeat pop culture references. She is the author of the chapbook Preparing Dinosaurs for Mass Extinction (ZED Press, 2021). Her work has been recognized by the Pulitzer Centre, The Poetry Society of UK, the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, among others. She thanks you for stumbling across the vast expanses of the literary world and landing on her work.



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