I Know The Water Never Cared–a golden shovel poem

by Ashley Sapp

after “Reading Hart Crane In Naples” by Ariel Francisco

In theory, I say, I am like a bird – I
covet my hollow bones and know
I am delicate enough for air, the
words of others like water
sliding off my feathers, but I never
believed it enough, you see, so I asked
for forgiveness when it was you
who brought it all down – this
question of falling or leaping – the
final deliverance bringing me to water
again, and so I float, float, never
to be bothered, despite who cared.


Ashley Sapp resides in Columbia, South Carolina, with her husband and two pups. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of South Carolina in 2010, and her work has previously appeared in Indie Chick, All Female Menu, Emerge Literary Journal, and the Common Ground Review. Ashley has written two poetry collections: Wild Becomes You and Silence Is A Ballad. She can be found on Twitter (@ashthesapp) and Instagram (@ashsappley).


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