In Line for the Rotor on the Last Night of the County Fair While KC and the Sunshine Band Plays a Song Her Parents Love But She Only Knows from the Recent Bud Light Seltzer Commercial

by Miriam Gershow

She doesn’t want to go on the Rotor even though she knows it’s safe to spin around and around stuck to the walls and screaming after the floor falls away, because she is an honors student who understands things like centrifugal force but also understands things like nausea and upset stomach already from the warm vodka in the parking lot and the force that is not centrifugal but red-faced and excited, her friends in front of and behind her in line, drunk from the vodka and the twinkle lights everywhere and the fat heat of summer and the fried faces of the carnies and the cheap stuffed snakes they won at the fishing game where everybody wins something, it just depends on the size of the prize, and the size they all got was small, but it didn’t occur to them to feel unlucky.

Miriam Gershow is a novelist (THE LOCAL NEW), story and creative nonfiction writer. Her stories appear in The Georgia Review, Gulf Coast, and Quarterly West among others. Recent flash fiction and nonfiction appears or is forthcoming in Pithead Chapel, Craft, Heavy Feather Review, and Variant Lit, where it won the Inaugural Pizza Prize.

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