in the kitchen i tell my mother of my desire to make her happy

by Kiyanna Hill

for her i work        my devotion
into my body         i wear holes
into the knees of my jeans   sweep white-dusted ceiling fans
i show sincerity    root the clusters
to my scalp        for her i balance
my weight to silence       the caving stairs
i commit to my body’s unsteadiness
i build muscle       in my right calf
for her i drown         coffee in whole milk and cane
sugar i flood into        all the things she has
eclipsed my body        is an accent
my body is an ending     for her unfinished sentences
i dedicate her hunger      to my rising chest
i parade into her mouth      i cleave her words
for us i ghost a new fable

Kiyanna Hill is a Black writer. She is left handed. Her work can be found in Porter House Review, Brave New Voices, Peach Mag, and elsewhere. Her poetry chapbook A Damned House and Us In It is forthcoming from Variant Literature.

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