I’ve Clawed My Way Back Up to the Surface of the Earth

by Kylie Martin


I bubble tears of magma now.

Then I swish them in my mouth.

I do it for the magmatic spearmint soothe and sting

though I’ve long since spat out the taste of your debris.

My metal alloy teeth are strong

enough to crush bone

and believe me I am hungry

enough to consume you.

My stomach churns molten iron.

My blood is molten iron.

I am magnetic

enough to lure you back to where you dragged me.

I am etched now with blood orange

open river wounds that sizzle red red orange.

So touch me again if you really don’t believe

I can burn you.



Kylie Martin received a BA in Literature from Ohio Northern University just a couple months ago, so she is still figuring this whole “poetry” thing out. She lives, works, and studies in Findlay, Ohio. Be nice to her on Twitter: @abstrusermusing






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