by Amy-Jean Muller

TW: Addiction

When you asked if I

remembered the black ink

from all the writing

you stayed up

all night to scribe on those pink walls

next to those empty bottles

and those

empty promises

I say

I do

wondering if it’s nostalgia

or your way to reminisce.

But then you show me your newfound sobriety

written with marks counting the days

you have gained

from all those days you had


I read your


on paper

that’s white

and not pink.

And It makes we wonder when I lie to you in the mirror

If I should suggest you start drinking again.


Amy-Jean Muller is an artist, writer and poet from South Africa who lives and works in London. Both her art and writing explore culture, memory, mental health, identity, and sexuality. She has exhibited her art in South Africa and London. Her writing can be found in various publications and is a regular contributor for Versification and The Daily Drunk. She also writes transgressive fiction and is currently completing her first novel. Twitter: @muller_aj


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