Radio Gospel Hour

by Travis Cravey


Wake didn’t keep much in his trailer, just a bed, dishes, an old Zenith television he had meant to fix but never did, and a clock radio.
After dinner each night, which was normally a can of soup heated and eaten from a small pot, Wake would lose himself in memories and wants.
At 7:58pm  his alarm would rouse him and he’d switch the radio on. The Noonan Family’s Gospel of Christ call-in show.
Wake would rise from the little table, reach into a cabinet above him, and take out a notepad and pencil. He sat back down, opened it. The pages were filled from top to bottom. Prayer requests that Uncle Jim’s diabetes wouldn’t make him lose his leg, that my husband would seek out the Lord in regards to a business venture. Jesus, save us. Oh Lord, cure us of these terrible ills.
Wake kept careful notes of each request. He sang along with each song. He wept and prayed fervently for everyone who called. But he never called in himself. He would never bother the Lord with a broken heart.



Travis Cravey is the author of Manifold (ELJ Editions) and an editor at Malarkey Books. He works as a maintenance man in Southeastern Pennsylvania and is on Twitter @traviscravey too much.


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