Song of the Submerged

by Talya Jankovits

I learned on our walk
last night that I can not
talk to you. Like cicadas
it’s better to bury it all
for years and years—
emerge a battalion
of crying. Shed my exoskeleton
as I flood tree trunks, climb
to shelter in oak and maple
hide my song— nothing
but a faint drumming
so constant you don’t hear
me at all until Autumn
envelopes you, a chill
alerting you to the silence
of impending winter.
I am gone.

Talya Jankovits’ work has appeared in a number of literary journals. Her short story “Undone” in Lunch Ticket and her poem, My Father Is A Psychologist in BigCityLit, were both nominated for a Pushcart prize. Her micro piece, “Bus Stop in Morning” is a winner of one of Beyond Words Magazine’s, 250-word challenges. Her poem, A Woman of Valor, was featured in the 2019/2020 Eshet Hayil exhibit at Hebrew Union College Los Angeles. She holds her MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University and resides in Chicago with her husband and four daughters.

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