by CL Bledsoe

Spring slips in, full of questions. When
did the fire sneak from the sky to rest
in this ditch, disguised as the hidden
faces of tulips? The worms are keeping
a secret about what dreams misplaced
taste like. Everything beautiful grows
from something someone forgot to do.
The most devastating damage is done
in the name of expediency. People
have searched their whole lives, huddled
in filth, for the secret, when the birds
had it all along. They’re singing about it,
if you listen. The song says: come
stay with me for a little while.

Raised on a rice and catfish farm in eastern Arkansas, CL Bledsoe is the author of more than twenty-five books, including the poetry collections Riceland, Trashcans in Love, Grief Bacon, and his newest, The Bottle Episode, as well as his latest novels Goodbye, Mr. Lonely and The Saviors. Bledsoe co-writes the humor blog How to Even, with Michael Gushue located here: https://medium.com/@howtoeven His own blog, Not Another TV Dad, is located here: https://medium.com/@clbledsoe He’s been published in hundreds of journals, newspapers, and websites that you’ve probably never heard of. Bledsoe lives in northern Virginia with his daughter.

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