Time is Out of Joint

by Claire Scott


I felt the slap before I met you at Raleighs

that rainy Friday last March

an OkCupid match, perfect on paper

salsa, chocolate sundaes, The Sopranos

both carnivorous, no sissy vegan food

my face stung for hours


I felt the fist before our first drink

dry vodka martinis with a twist

almost twins in our taste, picking cashews

out of the bowl of salted nuts

my cheekbone broken black and blue

my face sealed with scars


When I saw you that first time last March

the future had unfolded in the past

the present was a hand on my thigh

a tongue in my ear

I knew I couldn’t set it right

but I didn’t care



Claire Scott is an award winning poet who has received multiple Pushcart Prize nominations. Her work has been accepted by the Atlanta Review, Bellevue Literary Review, New Ohio Review, Enizagam and Healing Muse among others. Claire is the author of Waiting to be Called and Until I Couldn’t. She is the co-author of Unfolding in Light: A Sisters’ Journey in Photography and Poetry.



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