The Benefits of Giving Personal Feedback…

Well, looks like our submission declination response is being well-received. We are giving very personal, constructive remarks with both strengths and weaknesses for every submission we receive.

We’ve received tremendous feedback. (No identifying information included. If you recognize your response, please know ELJ is ever so grateful you’ve appreciated our feedback.)

“Thank you for your comments. Although it is never easy to get a REJECTION! you did so with courtesy and thoughtfulness, and I do appreciate that, as well as the comments….Again, thanks for your generous comments.”

“Thanks for the suggestions anyway. It’s always better to at least know somebody at least read it.”

“Please pass on my most sincere thanks to the editor who provided some feedback and thank you for including it in your email.”

“Thank you for the good and helpful comments. So many editors are unwilling to take time for this important exchange. I appreciate your willingness to do so.”

“Thank you so much for your feedback….my writing is very much in a state of development and growth, and your insight has definitely encouraged me to rework the pieces I submitted. I appreciate the time that was taken to look over my work, and I hope you all continue to thrive over at ELJ.”

“Thanks so much for your time, generosity and feedback! I’ll look forward to submitting again!”

“Thank you for taking the time to respond to my essay. I especially appreciate the comments. They do resonate: I know that I have a tendency to over-explain…”

We’ve also gotten some interesting comments about our automatic response and acceptance letters. We like having fun, even if it is via Submittable.

2nd Anniversary Online Anthology, Volume I and Volume II

The anthologies of all of the online archives will be released this week. Because I’ve used all the original artwork in color they way the issues were initially released, and the issues are both over 100 pages 8.5″ X 11″ perfect bound, Amazon will not let me list the books for less than $22 for Volume I and $24 for Volume II. I will be creating a CreateSpace e-store and e-mail out discount codes for all of the contributors in these anthologies. I am waiting to determine how much of a discount I can offer. I’m hoping for 50%. If you are a contributor to any online issue or were a weekly feature in 2013 and have agreed to be a part of the anthology, you will receive an e-mail when the volumes are released along with the discount code and link to purchase copies. Happy New Year!

Peter LaBerge to Judge The Pioneer Prize…

Please welcome former contributor, writer, editor, Peter LaBerge as the judge of The Pioneer Prize – 2014.


Peter LaBerge is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania. His recent poetry is featured or forthcoming in publications such as The Louisville Review, DIAGRAM, The Newport Review, Word Riot, Weave Magazine, and Hanging Loose. In the past, he has been named a two-time Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Gold Medalist for Poetry and a commended Foyle Young Poet of the Year, among other distinctions. He grew up in southwestern Connecticut, and currently serves as the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of The Adroit Journal.

Upcoming Emerge Literary Journal 2nd Anniversary Anthology…

Dear Online Contributors,

If you are a PRINT ONLY contributor and have never appeared online, please disregard this post.

I am compiling the Emerge Literary Journal 2nd Anniversary Anthology to preserve the online archives. When I first started the journal, I didn’t think I would ever move to print, let alone exclusive print on an annual basis. Emerge Literary Journal has four online issues via ISSUU and several months worth of online weekly features. When you agreed to publish, it was to publish online and never in print. This anthology is my gesture to preserve your writing, some of them first time publications, in print for years to come. I hope there is never a time when the archives have to come down. This is what I am doing to preserve them. The anthologies will be sold as close to cost as possible. Through Amazon distribution, writers from every country will have access to purchasing the volumes.

I cannot provide contributors copies and am unable to print bios, as the issues go back to February 2012 and everyone has published much more since then, much to their own credit. I follow a lot of you guys, and you have done well! It is hard enough keeping up with current issue bios let alone 200+ bios. As a small press, I fund the journal myself. What royalties I do get usually roll into the next publication. I get no grants, backing from a large university nor do I ask for donations. This journal was founded in the spirit of having new writers heard, their words broadcasted and their writing careers boosted.

At this time, I have no idea on an estimated completion date. It will be two volumes, most likely mixed genre now (Feburary/April/1st Half of Weekly Feature) and (August/October/2nd Half of Weekly Feature). The volumes will be 8.5″ X 11″ and much easier to compile, as it will follow the original form of the issues. I am to put in all images as part of the anthologies in B&W only. The covers were selected from the exact covers of April and August.
If you do not wish to be a part of the anthology please let me know in a separate e-mail with PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE MY WORK IN THE ANTHOLOGY in the subject line. I hope all of you choose to be a part of it. For some of you, it will ink your very first publications, which is why I chose to take this project on.

I am blessed by having read and published the work of all of my contributors and having read really awesome work by writers that could not be included in any issue in any form.

Thank you for your continued support.



Winter 2013, Volume I, Prose…

The first volume of the Winter 2013 issue will be released tomorrow, December 1, 2013.

Priced at $8, Winter 2013, Volume I, comes in at 84 pages and includes 31 spectacular flash prose pieces from 30 new and upcoming authors, including Sara Biggs Chaney, Brittany Clark, Steven Stam, Chase Burke, Jamie L. Moore, Amber Hollinger, and many, many more.