Chapbook Competition Ends…

ELJ Publications 2013 Chapbook Competition is in the final stretch. Entries will only be accepted until midnight. At midnight, Submittable will close the category and it will disappear. Prize is up to $75. 7 finalists have been forwarded to 3 excellent judges to be judged blindly within the next 10 days or so. We developed a matrix scoring model that will reduce a subjective reading response. Manuscripts will be judged on 4 categories: aesthetics, use of language, use of imagery and cohesiveness. The total score will be averaged for a total by judge and the averaged again between the 3 judges. It’s simple, the highest average score wins. I will announce semi-finalists and finalists when the winner is chosen and all entrants are notified regarding their submission status. Prize will be awarded as a Visa gift card or postal money order based on the winner’s preference. We are aiming to publish the winner no later than April 1, 2013. Should there by a tie, we will re-evaluate the scoring and publish the runner-up in addition to the winner. Should this scenario occur, the runner-up will also receive 2 copies of their book, but only the winner will receive the cash prize. Good luck to our finalists and many thanks to our entrants.

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