Emerge Literary Journal Now Print Only, Plus More

Effective August 1, 2013, Emerge Literary Journal will strictly be a print journal, publishing three issues annually, featured in June, September and December. Our reading periods will be from December 1st-April 1st and again from August 1st-October 1st.

ELJ Publications will continue to publish three to four chapbooks annually as part of our chapbook competition. Submissions for the chapbook competition will be open every February 14th-February 28th for publication in March and April for a $7 reading fee.

Additionally, ELJ Publications will open chapbook submissions for a $25 reading fee year round for both poetry and short-story collections. Open reading for the chapbook submissions will be held for publication in July, October and January. We will select up to 4 selections for publication during these months. Response times for the open chapbook reading will be varied, as Emerge Literary Journal is the priority in May, August and November. For the open chapbook readings, you must never have published a full-length collection before, but up to one prior chapbook publication is acceptable.

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