Current Statistics…

Some statistics on our current reading period that I’m excited about! Emerge Literary Journal is an open, loving journal that has received 249 poetry submissions since December 1st to date and 97 prose submissions since December 1st to date. That’s a total of 346 submissions over the course of nearly 4 months! Stephen Byrne and I have been very busy. Now here’s the nitty gritty:

Of the 249 poetry submissions, we accepted 115, declined 105, 16 withdrawn due to prior acceptance, and there are 13 in progress. Of the 97 prose submissions, 46 were accepted, 48 declined, 3 withdrawn due to prior acceptance and 2 in progress. Our acceptance ratio is slightly under 50%. Now, that is a bit inflated because a good percentage of those acceptances will be published online only until August 1st.

But, I must say the Summer 2013 and Fall 2013 issues are chock full of exciting things from new writers! Exactly what we want in our journal! Each of the new issues will be prose heavy, as I made the decision to accept more prose than I originally set out to because I couldn’t help myself.

So, if you’ve never submitted to us, the odds of acceptance are higher, and submissions close in less than 4 days until August 1st everyone, so hurry up and get yours in. I will be catching up on all open submissions this weekend!

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