Status of the Journal and Upcoming Changes…

Dear Contributors, Prospective Contributors, Readers and Friends:

When I first opened Emerge Literary Journal for submissions in November 2011, I was not working and had plenty of time to dedicate to a full publishing schedule. Since the beginning of 2013, I had to return full time to work. In addition, I have two small children, a husband and a home. My husband and I both run our own separate businesses in addition to working full time. My full time job as an insurance underwriter makes me a lot of money and is very demanding on a daily basis. I am also a writer who hasn’t written anything for the most part of the year until most recently. For these personal and professional reasons and because I will not completely abandon my publication, I plan to make the following changes to all endeavors related to ELJ Publications, LLC:

Emerge Literary Journal: There is a lot of great work in the hopper that should have been published in June and September. Submissions should have reopened in August. The June issue is fully compiled and edited; however, there were uploading issues. I have pushed back publication of the June issue to October and the September issue to December. If you are a contributor to either one of these issues and cannot wait any longer for your piece(s) to be published, please contact me at and withdraw your work. Each and every one of the submissions I have accepted deserve to be published and will be this year. Going forward, Emerge Literary Journal will be published in December only with a 60 day window for submissions in the Fall.

ELJ Publications: There are numerous submissions in the hopper that I would like to publish. I will finish reading them and be making my final decisions this week. I have begun to focus my publishing endeavors to new and emerging authors for chapbooks only. Chapbook publication is less time consuming and more fulfilling for me as an editor. As such, Emerge Literary Journal is evolving and will primarily be a chapbook press from this day forward. ELJ Publications will also begin to open to more established authors with an appetite that is similar to Scissors & Spackle.

Scissors & Spackle: There is a full issue ready to be published. I am working very hard to compile and edit it in the same format the prior editor used but have had a difficult go at it. The formatting has to change going forward. Scissors & Spackle will also become an annual publication published most likely in February with a brief 60 day window prior to publication.

Should you have questions regarding Emerge Literary Journal or ELJ Publications, please e-mail me at If your questions are regarding Scissors & Spackle, please e-mail me at

Thank you for your continued patience and support of Emerge Literary Journal. I have more time in late Fall and all of Winter to support the visions of both Emerge Literary Journal and Scissors & Spackle.

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