Open Chapbook Submissions…Status.

We are filled to the brim with pending poetry chapbooks. However, I’m not about to close Submittable out yet. ELJ was recently listed as one of the top ten journals to submit your flash to and probably be accepted. I have to say since the Winter 2013 issue is over 50% flash, this may be a good point. Since we will not be open again for regular submissions until next August, I am putting this out there. The next chapbook manuscript I accept will be 100% damn good flash. We’re breaking boundaries here. It’s not all about poetry. Will you be my next author?

One thought on “Open Chapbook Submissions…Status.

  1. I was very pleased to have had my story ‘I break my first heart’ mentioned in the story that accompanied that list of ten bests. Thanks for publishing it, on-line at least.

    Best, Steve Ostrowski Sent from my iPhone

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