ELJ Publications…Pending Publications…

Dear Readers and Contributors,

Please give a warm welcome to the following line-up of upcoming chapbooks:

Precipice Fruit, Sara Biggs Chaney* ~ Now Available for Purchase

Artesian Well, C. Malcolm Ellsworth

The Intimacy Archive, Leigh Anne Hornfeldt

Great Conversations, Greater Wasps, Jake Russell

The Sum of Two Mothers, Dennis Etzel, Jr.

Splayed, Christopher McCurry

Every Word Was Once Drunk, Ian Bodkin

Ripple & Snap, Laura McCullough

Shutters * Voices * Wind, Laura McCullough

The Smashing House, Laura McCullough

And, for the first time ever, a novelette:

Our Small Faces, Jamie Moore

I am pleased to announce four of these authors are either former or upcoming contributors to Emerge Literary Journal, and no offense gentlemen, the lineup has become chock full of women. It gives me great pleasure to give more and more women a voice in this day and age.

*(Please note all proceeds of Precipice Fruit by Sara Biggs Chaney will benefit The Autistic Self Advocacy Network)

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