Chapbook Submissions…Re-Opened

We have re-opened chapbooks submission for a $10 reading fee. We are reading BLIND this time. Please no e-mail queries or referrals. We will only read through Submittable. If you submit or query via e-mail, the e-mail will be deleted unread.

Should your manuscript be accepted, the earliest available publication date is now 5/1/13.

Updated ELJ Publications Guidelines…

Because we have taken on scissors & spackle under the ELJ Publications imprint, and although we still aim to publish emerging writers, we have now opened up our guidelines to no longer restrict the prior publication of a full-length collection. We want surreal. We want hybrid. We want experimental. We love a great flash collection. We love edgy. We want your red-headed stepchild. Consider us.

ELJ Publications…Pending Publications…

Dear Readers and Contributors,

Please give a warm welcome to the following line-up of upcoming chapbooks:

Precipice Fruit, Sara Biggs Chaney* ~ Now Available for Purchase

Artesian Well, C. Malcolm Ellsworth

The Intimacy Archive, Leigh Anne Hornfeldt

Great Conversations, Greater Wasps, Jake Russell

The Sum of Two Mothers, Dennis Etzel, Jr.

Splayed, Christopher McCurry

Every Word Was Once Drunk, Ian Bodkin

Ripple & Snap, Laura McCullough

Shutters * Voices * Wind, Laura McCullough

The Smashing House, Laura McCullough

And, for the first time ever, a novelette:

Our Small Faces, Jamie Moore

I am pleased to announce four of these authors are either former or upcoming contributors to Emerge Literary Journal, and no offense gentlemen, the lineup has become chock full of women. It gives me great pleasure to give more and more women a voice in this day and age.

*(Please note all proceeds of Precipice Fruit by Sara Biggs Chaney will benefit The Autistic Self Advocacy Network)

Open Chapbook Submissions…Status.

We are filled to the brim with pending poetry chapbooks. However, I’m not about to close Submittable out yet. ELJ was recently listed as one of the top ten journals to submit your flash to and probably be accepted. I have to say since the Winter 2013 issue is over 50% flash, this may be a good point. Since we will not be open again for regular submissions until next August, I am putting this out there. The next chapbook manuscript I accept will be 100% damn good flash. We’re breaking boundaries here. It’s not all about poetry. Will you be my next author?

Summer 2013 Issue, etc…

Dear Readers and Contributors,

The Summer 2013 issue has been submitted for print proof. It is my hope it will be published and released on Amazon within the next 5 days. Also, in the upcoming days, I will be posting all of the outstanding online features, all eight of them, originally slated for June and July. The previously scheduled Fall 2013 issue will now be released in December as the Winter 2013 issue. Submissions are closed for everything except Chapbooks and will re-open in August 2014. Beginning next year, ELJ will be an annual publication with no online content. Our 2014 Chapbook Contest opens on February 1, 2014. I greatly appreciate all of your patience and support through the delays. For those of you who hung in there, I greatly appreciate it more than you know. I am pleased to finally get this issue out to the world!