Status of the Journal and Upcoming Changes…

Dear Contributors, Prospective Contributors, Readers and Friends: When I first opened Emerge Literary Journal for submissions in November 2011, I was not working and had plenty of time to dedicate to a full publishing schedule. Since the beginning of 2013, I had to return full time to work. In addition, I have two small children,Continue reading “Status of the Journal and Upcoming Changes…”

Birth in Storm, A Review By Raylyn Clacher

Storms abound in Birth in Storm, a chapbook by Leah Sewell. These aren’t the pleasant storms that make for quiet nights in of romance or contemplation. Sewell’s storms are violent and life-changing, their own force bent on destruction and re-creation. The poems of Birth in Storm all share this impending, kinetic energy. Through tightly controlledContinue reading “Birth in Storm, A Review By Raylyn Clacher”

The Breath before Birds Fly, an Amazon Review by Eli Wolfman

I don’t write reviews. I had to do so for this book. The cover was so beautiful and the title so attractive that I had to get this! The book is even dedicated to me, well, any reader actually which is nice. Only 23 poems, this feels heavy and solid more like a book thanContinue reading “The Breath before Birds Fly, an Amazon Review by Eli Wolfman”

Current Statistics…

Some statistics on our current reading period that I’m excited about! Emerge Literary Journal is an open, loving journal that has received 249 poetry submissions since December 1st to date and 97 prose submissions since December 1st to date. That’s a total of 346 submissions over the course of nearly 4 months! Stephen Byrne andContinue reading “Current Statistics…”

Running at Night By Contributor Ned Randle, A Review

One of the things I like best, as both a reader and writer of poetry, is poetry that takes off from the imagination, poems that lead the reader into imaginary scenes or situations, which is why this collection appealed to me as soon as I saw the title, and there’s nothing arbitrary about Ned Randle’sContinue reading “Running at Night By Contributor Ned Randle, A Review”

Pretty the Ugly, A Review By Samantha Duncan

There are loud and abrasive ways in which to speak about obstacles women face in sexuality, love, and loss, and there are also small, quiet ways that work just as effectively, as with the poems in Jillian M. Phillips new collection, Pretty the Ugly. From revelations of betrayal to confessions about sex, these stories sitContinue reading “Pretty the Ugly, A Review By Samantha Duncan”

Birth in Storm, A Review By Samantha Duncan

Across rural landscapes that routinely produce tornadoes and hailstorms are stories of women weathering the winds of their own lives in Birth in Storm, a new poetry collection by Leah Sewell. An ever-present quiet that pervades the notion of small towns by no means indicates stillness, and Sewell’s tales of adolescent struggle and maternal strengthContinue reading “Birth in Storm, A Review By Samantha Duncan”

Emerge Literary Journal Now Print Only, Plus More

Effective August 1, 2013, Emerge Literary Journal will strictly be a print journal, publishing three issues annually, featured in June, September and December. Our reading periods will be from December 1st-April 1st and again from August 1st-October 1st. ELJ Publications will continue to publish three to four chapbooks annually as part of our chapbook competition.Continue reading “Emerge Literary Journal Now Print Only, Plus More”